ISPUT Ascending Order Of Readership Visits And Page Views 2010-May 2019

ISPUT Ascending Order Of Readership Visits And Page Views 2010-May 2019

ISPUT Annual Readership 2010-May 2019*

Victor P Taffa

ISPUT (Improve Sydney Public Transport) Ascending Order of Visit Statistics and Page Views since going online on 27 February 2010 are as follows:

Year Visits Page Views
2018 9,484 13,965
2017 7,589 14,850
2016 7,420 17,050
2013 6,741 19,725
2015 6,243 15,399
2012 5,847 18,171
2014 5,176 15,383
2011 4,685 18,398
2010 2,829 15,104
Sub Total 56,014 148,045
2019 6,360 8,712
Total 62,374 156,757


*Year Incomplete

Statistics compiled are courtesy of Google Analytics


Capital City-Capital City High Speed Rail At 500 Km/h

Business case does exist for Capital City-Capital City Freight Train Compatible High-Speed Rail at speeds of 500 km/h.

  • Perth is the world’s most isolated Capital City
  • Sydney-Melbourne Air Route is the 5th busiest air route in the world

This includes a roll-on roll-off Rail Ferry across Bass Strait which would be complimentary to the existing Car Ferry.

Coal Fired Power

As all Trams, Light Rail, High Speed Rail, Driverless and Heavy Rail Trains with Drivers and Guards are powered by coal fired power stations it is beneficial for all businesses and households that new Coal Fired Power Stations are built as soon as possible.

Wind Mills do not have the baseload power required to power any trains or trams.

Nuclear Energy

If not coal then nuclear energy.

Lucas Heights is Australia’s only nuclear Power Station that was opened in 1958 and is used in the medical field.

Lucas Heights plant is located in the southern Sydney suburb of Lucas Heights.