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Tasmania Shadow Minister for Infrastructure Rene Hidding

Labor-Green Government Fail On Freight Issue

Victor P Taffa

For the Labor-Green government to not even look at now complete consultants’ reports on Bass Strait freight until August is completely unacceptable, according to Shadow Minister for Infrastructure Rene Hidding.

“The loss of an international shipping service from Tasmania is estimated to be directly costing our exporting industries $20-$40 Million per year, with a much greater cost to the broader Tasmanian economy.”

“This is a crisis situation, exporters cannot afford more delays and more government inaction. Instead Minister O’Byrne has palmed off the latest report to the Freight Logistics Co-ordination Team for review, before even bothering to read it himself.” Mr. Hidding said.

“This is yet another example of Labor and the Greens being indecisive and governing via committee, instead of doing their job.”


“In contrast a majority Liberal Government will take decisive action and invest up to $33 Million over three years to secure the re-introduction of an international shipping service to key Asian ports.”

“The re-introduction of this service will be a critical step to getting our economy growing again, and to creating jobs. This policy is fully costed and funded in the Liberals budget plan.” Mr. Hidding said.

Further to the re-introduction of an international shipping service is the introduction of a Rail Ferry between Victoria and Tasmania for both freight and passengers. This service will go a long way towards bringing down the cost of goods and services in Tasmania.


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