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Queensland Opposition Leader John-Paul Langbroek

Memo To Flood Inquiry: Let Them Be Heard

Victor P Taffa

Labor’s ham-fisted handling of flood inquiry continued today with the Premier left unaware the Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry was denying groups the opportunity to appear before the Commission.

State Opposition Leader JP Langbroek questioned the Premier in Parliament why, when the Premier had promised individuals and the groups the opportunity, they were now being formally told in writing they could not appear.

Mr. Langbroek said a letter from the Commission to a newly-formed group, Flood Affected Businesses, comprising 140 businesses affected by flooding at Rocklea and Sumner Park said, in short, they weren’t welcome.


“Despite the rhetoric, its clear Labor is not keen on hearing directly from this group and others who have real concerns and serious questions about important issues including Government Planning approvals in flood-prone areas, operation of the Wivenhoe Dam and the failure of flood warning systems.” Mr. Langbroek said.

Mr. Langbroek questioned why the Premier had announced $300,000 funding to Lifeline to help individuals prepare and appear before the Commission, when a significant group representing a broad range of businesses, including wholesalers at the Rocklea Markets, was now being told they could not appear.

“I’ve already had to call on the Premier to extend the Commission’s very tight and unreasonable submission deadlines by at least three weeks.”

“Now, I’m calling on the Premier to make good her promise to Parliament that people be allowed to appear before the Commission.” Mr. Langbroek said.

“She needs to send a memo to the Commission today stating: Let them be heard.”

Mr. Langbroek encouraged anyone who believed they had important information on the floods to make a submission and to appear in person if they believed they could assist the Commission.


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