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Australian Electoral Commissioner Ed Killesteyn

Election Results Broadcast Live From The National Tally Room And Virtual Tally Room

Federal Election 21 August 2010

Victor P Taffa

When voting for the federal election closes at 6 pm this Saturday 21 August, national focus will switch to live election coverage coming from the media at the National Tally Room and detailed results available on the AEC’s web-based Virtual Tally Room.


“On Election Night, the National Tally Room at Canberra Exhibition Park (EPIC) is a hub of activity with several live television and radio stations broadcasting from the venue and reporting on counting from over 7,700 polling places around the country.” Electoral Commissioner Ed Killesteyn said today.

While the National Tally Room in Canberra provides the backdrop for the media to broadcast the election results to the nation on election night, the results online at the Australian Electoral Commission’s (AEC) Virtual Tally Room (VTR) at are now the official source of election night results, which will be available from 4 pm Saturday 21 August.

“The Virtual Tally Room is available to everyone with internet access and provides detailed progress of the counting of votes for the House of Representatives and the Senate. The Virtual Tally Room will update constantly on election night and is able to generate approximately 1,200 individual results screens.” Mr. Killesteyn said.

“The National Tally Room is built for every national election, involves several months of planning and organisation and takes 15 days to build. The National Tally Room will have over 120 computer terminals, 15 km of data cabling, and up to 650 amps of electrical capacity.” Mr. Killesteyn said.

At the 2007 National Tally Room the AEC estimates there were over 2,600 people through the doors, with over 150 media reporting. Six networks broadcast from the National Tally Room and for the first time, there was a web broadcast.

Approximately 70 Political Party Representatives and Members of Parliament attended the 2007 National Tally Room.

In 2010 more than 140 international and other official guests will attend on Election night and 120 AEC staff will be working behind the scenes to facilitate the delivery of the National Tally Room.

The Virtual Tally Room will be available from 4pm Saturday 21 August linked from the homepage. More information is available about the National Tally Room and the 2010 Federal Election or by calling the AEC on 13 23 26.


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