Integrity Of Government Essential

Integrity Of Government Essential

Tasmania Shadow Minister for Environment Matthew Groom

EPA Needs To Be Independent

Victor P Taffa

The Appointment of Mr. Alex Schaap as Tasmania’s new Director of the Environment Protection Authority (EPA), highlights Brian Wightman’s failure to ensure the EPA is a truly independent body.

“While no one would question Mr Schaap’s integrity or experience, the fact that the EPA must report to DPIPWE and therefore the Minister means that it is not a truly independent body.” Shadow Minister for Environment Matthew Groom said today.

“The EPA was established to exercise decision making powers in relation to environmental management and pollution control matters within Tasmania. It was established as an independent authority so that Tasmanians could have confidence that decisions were being made independent of government or other political influence.”


“But the EPA has never been allowed to be truly independent. Minister Wightman has missed a valuable opportunity in announcing the new Director by failing to commit to fixing this glaring problem.” Mr. Groom said.

“Minister Wightman should take this opportunity to remove doubts about his timidness and lack of experience and take the necessary steps to make sure the EPA is completely independent of the Department and of Government.” Mr. Groom said.