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Western Australia Minister for Energy Peter Collier

First Panels Installed On Largest Solar PV Project

Victor P Taffa

  • Solar panel installation starts at Greenough River Solar Farm
  • Major construction milestone reached at Greenough River Solar Farm
  • Joint venture between Verve Energy and private sector reaching maturity

Energy Minister Peter Collier today marked the commencement of a major construction milestone at Australia’s largest solar photovoltaic power project by assisting with the installation of the first solar PV table at Greenough River Solar Farm.

Construction of the 10-megawatt solar farm 50 km south of Geraldton began four months ago and has focused to date on the installation of above ground electrical works and structural elements that will support the 150,000 solar panels across an area of 80 ha.

The Liberal-National Government has committed $20 Million, including $10 Million from the Royalties for Regions program, to the Greenough River Solar Farm, which is expected to open in July/August 2012.

Mr. Collier said the Greenough River Solar project would be a major source of renewable energy and a benchmark example of how solar power could be farmed and distributed to the wider community and industry.

“No other jurisdiction in Australia has done what we are doing here in the Mid-West region of Western Australia, and this development clearly illustrates that, once again, we are setting the standard for the rest of the nation.” Mr. Collier said.

“The Greenough River Solar project will generate enough electricity for 3,000 average homes while displacing 20,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas each year, which is the equivalent of taking 4,000 vehicles off the road.”

“There is an appetite for solar energy and an expectation that governments and electricity generators like Verve Energy will build solar farms and other renewable energy projects. I look forward to returning here in a few months to open this magnificent development.” Mr. Collier said.

Fact File

  • Greenough River Solar Farm is a joint venture between Verve Energy and GE Energy Financial Services
  • It is located about 50 km south-east of Geraldton, near the community of Walkaway
  • 150,000 PV panels will be installed on tables fitted to 15,000 steel posts across an area of 80 ha and produce about 10 MW of electricity

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