Inside The Arts In Victoria

Inside The Arts In Victoria

Victoria Premier Ted Baillieu

Victoria Minister for the Arts Ted Baillieu

New Online Video Series Unfolds The Layers Of Creativity In Victoria

Victor P Taffa

Eight Victorian artists feature in an online series of mini-documentaries designed to unfold the many layers of Victoria’s vibrant creative community.

Premier and Minister for the Arts Ted Baillieu said the Arts Victoria series Unfold: Inside the Arts in Victoria provides a window into the world of a diverse group of Victorian artists.

“From an indie-pop band making their name in Melbourne’s music scene to an indigenous dancer and choreographer bringing a contemporary edge to traditional stories, these artists reflect the breadth of our creative community and the talent that makes Victoria such a wonderful state.” Premier Baillieu said.

“This series shows us the life and work of artists at various stages of their careers, and is a sampler of the energy, passion, commitment and talent that fuel the arts in Victoria.”

Arts Victoria partnered with The Apiary Victorian College of the Arts alumni Gavin Youngs and Lily Coates to produce the series which follows emerging and established artists as they prepare for creative projects.

“Each short film is a work of art in its own right and the result of a great collaboration between Arts Victoria, the artists and the film-makers, themselves a product of our wonderful VCA.” Premier Baillieu said.

The series opener profiles visual artist Noël Skrzypczak as she prepares for her forthcoming exhibition at Heide Museum of Modern Art. Future episodes feature cartoonist Oslo Davis, theatre company Rawcus, emerging choreographer Rennie McDougall, conceptual artist Paola Balla, choreographer/dancer/puppeteer Jacob Boehme, musicians Otouto and artist-led cultural organisation Aphids (with a special appearance by Kamahl).