Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

South Australia Shadow Attorney General Stephen Wade

Rau Stalls On Real Action Against Bikies

Victor P Taffa

The Rann Labor Government is more interested in battling against the legal system than fighting organised crime in South Australia.

Attorney-General Rau’s comments today he is actively considering sacrificing legal rights follow a year spent fighting the Supreme Court ruling against the bikie legislation and SA is no closer to implementing effective anti-bikie laws.

Shadow Attorney-General, Stephen Wade said that after the Supreme Court decision, the Government wasted valuable time and money defending the legislation at the expense of the long-term safety of South Australians and still had no plan to fix the problem.

“The Attorney-General doesn’t have a plan to tackle the bikies he only has a report on how the Government could clean up their own mess.” Mr. Wade said.

“Rather than getting back into the Parliament after the Supreme Court judgment, fixing the law and getting on with fighting crime, all we hear from the Rann Labor Government is more rhetoric and spin.”

“This is a shameful failure of an incompetent and arrogant government had they listened to the SA Liberal’s advice on anti- bikie laws it could have already been debated and passed by the Parliament at no cost to the tax payer.” Mr. Wade said.

“I call on the Rann Government to stop wasting time fighting the courts and the law and focus on fighting crime on the ground.”

“Attorney-General John Rau has shown he is no different to his predecessor Michael Atkinson and he does not have the courage to stand up against Rann’s rhetoric to deliver real action.” Mr. Wade said.