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Senator for Queensland Barnaby Joyce

Rail Freight De-Railed

Victor P Taffa

Freight on Rail in Australia it would seem to have no traction in the eyes of the Rudd Government if Senator Barnaby Joyce’s observations are anything to go by.

“Well, now I have seen it all Senator Barnaby Joyce today.

“What more proof do we need for an inland rail? Whilst driving to Moree via the inland rail route, I was stuck behind a truck and on the back of the truck was a rail coal container, complete with its steel wheels, ready to roll on a track. Whilst I have been waiting a couple more have gone past.”




“Moree, has so many trucks passing through it, they are about to build a bypass, but in the meantime, there will be even more heavy traffic. It is ridiculous to think that it is better to take the coal wagons off the rails, put them on the back of a road train and drive on already overcrowded roads. Apparently it must be more efficient than leaving it on the railway line, but this reflects the sad state of our rail infrastructure all over the nation.” Senator Joyce said.

“The Labor Party should have been more provident with the money they wasted on the stimulus package and built the infrastructure this nation really needs like the inland rail.

We are supposed to be a smart nation. How smart is it when the straight line between Gladstone and Melbourne has been ignored and now even rolling stock for railway lines is being moved by road?”

“This Government claims that school halls solved the global financial crisis for Australia. Yet now with in excess of $144 Billion in debt they have failed to build even the most obvious and essential  infrastructure for the  future of our nation , such as inland rail, preferring instead to go for ceiling insulation and school halls.” Senator Joyce said.


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