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Tasmania Leader of the Opposition Will Hodgman

Tasmania Shadow Minister for Infrastructure Jeremy Rockliff

Hodgman Commits $8 Million For Upgrade Of Ferry Road

Victor P Taffa

The Tasmanian Liberals today committed $8 Million to upgrade Ferry Road at Kettering, if elected to government on 20 March.

“This road is a vital link not only for residents of Bruny Island but also for the hundreds of thousands of tourists who visit the island every year. It has remained in an embarrassing state of neglect under Labor for far too long.” Leader of the Opposition, Will Hodgman said.

Like Tasmania’s road infrastructure across the state, it has been neglected by a Labor Government distracted by scandal and incompetence.


The area designated for cars, trucks, campervans and boat trailers waiting to board the ferry is completely inadequate. This inadequacy leads not only to safety issues for pedestrians, but also congestion issues for residents and business owners on Ferry Road during peak periods.

Under a Hodgman Liberal Government, Infrastructure Tasmania would work with local communities and councils to establish ongoing local road priorities, to ensure that roads such as Ferry Road are not continually ignored.

“We will provide $8 Million not only to widen and expand Ferry Road and provide a better waiting area for vehicles, but we will also complete water and sewerage infrastructure in the area. This work will be commenced in the 2010-11 financial year.” Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Jeremy Rockliff said.

Both the State and Federal Labor Governments have ignored Ferry Road for far too long and only a Hodgman Liberal Government will give residents the road they deserve.

The upgrade would include:

  • Rebuilding of the loading area to better accommodate vehicles waiting to board the ferry and return the surrounding area to a fully functioning marina, rather than a car yard.
  • Repair of the existing water and sewerage infrastructure, which is below sub-standard. The current situation of runoff sewerage pouring into Little Oyster Bay is completely unacceptable and demands immediate attention.
  • Construction of proper footpaths in the area leading to the ferry loading area. Currently, pedestrians must walk on gravel road verges on either side of the road, negotiating oncoming traffic in the process.

Will Hodgman and his Liberal team recognise the importance of regional roads.

Infrastructure Minister Graeme Sturges failed to secure one cent of the $22 Billion handed out by the Federal Government in 2009 for major special infrastructure projects, showing his complete lack of understanding of priorities in his own portfolio.

TAS Shadow Minister for Infrastructure Jeremy Rockliff

TAS Shadow Minister for Infrastructure Jeremy Rockliff


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