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Western Australia Minister for Agriculture & Food Terry Redman

Rural Indigenous And Resilience Programs Win Premier’s Awards

Victor P Taffa

Agriculture and Food Minister Terry Redman has congratulated the Department of Agriculture and Food Programs which achieved outstanding success at the Premier’s Awards.

The Indigenous Landholder Service (ILS) was the overall winner of the Premier’s Award for Excellence in Public Sector Management, after winning the Revitalising the Regions category.

The Department’s North Eastern Agricultural Region (NEAR) Strategy received a Premier’s Award in the Managing the Environment Category.



Mr. Redman praised the ILS team for its work with Aboriginal landholders from 70 properties across five million hectares throughout the State.

“The ILS is making a difference to more than 3,000 people across the State and the sustainable development of indigenous businesses in both the rangelands and farming areas.” the Minister said.

“As a result, indigenous enterprises are more productive and profitable, natural resource management has improved, there is greater participation in the local and State economy and stronger relationships with the broader community.”

The NEAR initiative was recognised for its work to improve business and community resilience to drought.

The NEAR encompasses almost 7,000 People from 589 Businesses across Three Million hectares from Kalbarri to Gingin.

“The NEAR Strategy provides the tools for effective management of cyclical dry seasons and in doing so embraces a ‘helping-hand’ approach to sustainable, responsible and profitable resource management.” the Minister said.

“The strategy empowers landholders to make better decisions that both protect and optimise their natural resources for both the season ahead and the next generation.”

The Department’s Buy West, Eat Best initiative was also a finalist in the Developing the Economy category for generating market opportunities throughout the supply chain for locally grown, fished, farmed and processed food.

Mr. Redman said these projects reflected the commitment of the department and its people to making a difference to the sustainable development of the State’s Agriculture Industry as part of the Broader Economy and Community.


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