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Victoria Minister for Higher Education and Skills Peter Hall

Independent Reports Shows Vic Govt Leading Nation In Vocational Education Investment

Victor P Taffa

A report released today by the National Centre for Vocational Education Research confirms again that Victoria invests more in vocational education and training than any other state.

Minister for Higher Education and Skills Peter Hall welcomed the report showing that Victoria invests more money in training than any other state in Australia.

“With a population that comprises 24 % of all Australians, Victoria provided 33 % of all State and Territory funding for vocational education delivery and support last year.” Mr. Hall said.

“We know from other reports that Victoria provides a million more subsidised enrolments in vocational education than any other State.”


The Victorian Coalition Government also provided 34 % of all investment in property, plant and equipment services, delivering this nation-leading investment efficiently and effectively, while at the same time spending $187 Million less on administration than New South Wales.

“I am pleased that these figures from NCVER, which have been made public today, reflect the Coalition Government’s vision and commitment to creating a highly skilled and employable workforce, through significant investment in vocational training.” Mr. Hall said.

“Victoria is the only State that has implemented a full market-driven system for skills training. Victoria invested 23 % more than New South Wales on training delivery and support last year, 92 % more than Queensland, and three times the expenditure of Western Australia and yet the federal Minister for Skills Senator Evans is withholding $60 Million that is due to Victoria under the new National Partnership for Skills which the Premier signed in April.”

“Despite the scaremongering and misinformation led by Senator Evans and the union interests to which he is held hostage the simple fact remains that Victoria is leading the country in training, providing a true market-driven system, yet taking the necessary steps to encourage Victorians into skills that will drive long-term employment and economic growth.”

“I look forward to ensuring that Victoria’s training sector remains the strongest in Australia.” Mr. Hall said.

Over the next four years, the Coalition Government will invest almost $5 Billion in training subsidies alone, including a new investment of $1, 033 Billion. This is a record ongoing investment.


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