Independent MLA’s To Receive Greater Resources

Independent MLA’s To Receive Greater Resources

Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner

Additional Resources For Independent MLA’s

Victor P Taffa

In a Westminster Parliamentary Democracy all Governments’ must be held to account by an Opposition able to scrutinise Government Bills as set down for debate in the Chamber.

Under normal circumstances the largest opposing Party would be entitled to resources to do its job. However in light of the outcome of the 2016 Election the five Independent Members of Parliament will receive additional resources.

Chief Minister Michael Gunner has accepted advice from the Remuneration Tribunal to give new resources to the five Independent Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLA’s), ensuring they are provided with support to be well informed about policy and hold the Government to account.

The Government will make two additional research staff available to the Independent MLA’s.

Two additional staff will be engaged by the Parliamentary library to provide research services and assist Independents with making informed contributions and positions on government policy.

While being engaged by the Parliamentary Library, the staff will come under the direction of the Clerk of the Department of the Legislative Assembly for their allocation of duties.

The Remuneration Tribunal has recommended that the situation be reviewed after 12 months to determine whether the resource is effective.

Chief Minister Gunner has also accepted advice to continue the same level of funding provided to the new Opposition, as the previous Opposition.

“In this term of Government, the five Independent MLAs will play an important role in terms of Parliamentary scrutiny.” Chief Minister Gunner said.

“This additional staffing resource will assist Independents to make informed decisions about NT Government policy, and in turn, better represent their constituents as well as make a significant contribution to Parliamentary scrutiny.”

“I accept the advice of the Remuneration Tribunal on this matter and have agreed to provide the recommended additional resources to the five Independent Members, assisting in their ability to scrutinise Government.”


Final Makeup Of The Legislative Assembly

Following the Northern Territory Election held on Saturday 27 August 2016 the final makeup of the Parliament was:

Party                      Seats Held

ALP                            18

CLP                             2

IND                             5

Total Seats           25



ALP                Australian Labor Party

CLP                 Country Liberal Party

IND                 Independent


Country Liberal Party

The 2 seats that the Country Liberal Party won at the Election were:

  • Daly
  • Spillett


 The 5 seats that Independent Candidates won at the Election were:

  • Araluen
  • Blain
  • Goyder
  • Nelson
  • Nhulunbuy