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John Tucak Independent Candidate

Armadale State By-Election 2 October 2010

Victor P Taffa

I believe that the Electorate of Armadale might rightly be concerned with local issues like the development of a Public Leisure Centre with an enclosed heated pool and heated spa baths appropriate for a large number of retirees and pensioners in the district. So it is with some apprehension that I chose to call my election campaign: “The Time for a Cool Change” Campaign


Due to the extraordinary outcome of the Federal Election, I believe that the following open recommendation to Premier Colin Barnett is both urgent and time constrained as a possible solution to the employment and regional development problems encountered in the electorates of regional Queensland and New South Wales, in particular.

To: The Premier Hon. Colin Barnett, and the Government of Western Australia:

Please consider offering the seasonal overflow of the Ord River Irrigation Scheme (ORIS) to the Federal Government in order to facilitate a national water pipeline network to flush, or replenish the Murray-Darling River System. This could be offered in exchange for the supply and maintenance of one pipeline to Perth (via the Pilbara), supplied free of charge as this is a Western Australian resource.

At the peak of the wet season (around March/April), the overflow that currently flows into the Timor Sea in one day, is sufficient to supply Perth for one year. The overflow for one season is the equivalent of Perth’s requirement over 10 years.

The Ord River Irrigation Scheme currently has a capacity greater than 21 times Sydney Harbour; it involved 35 rivers, and took more than 9 years to construct. The utilization of this resource was promoted by the Hon. Ernie Bridge MLC, Independent, Kimberley Region for many years, but was constrained by the cost. This may now be possible by the ‘Future Fund’ and the ‘Murray-Darling Allocations’.

A documentary that was aired on SBS television about 2 or 3 years ago described in detail the source, or system that creates the “wet season” in the Kimberley region and Northern Australia.

The Asian-Australian Monsoon System:

In simple terms, the winds blow out of northern Australia for 6 months of the year, collect moisture across Indonesia and deliver precipitation to the Tibetan plateau (Himalayas).

When the Himalayan snows melt in the region, the winds come back across Indonesia (collecting moisture again), and deliver precipitation to Northern Australia as the “wet season”. This is a perennial cycle, although seasons can fluctuate due to other factors.

So I hope that you agree that it may indeed be “Time For a Cool Change”!

Responsibility for Election Comment

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