Increased Cleaning For Queensland State Schools

Increased Cleaning For Queensland State Schools

Queensland Minister for Education Grace Grace

More Cleaning For Queensland State Schools

Victor P Taffa

Palaszczuk Government will increase the amount of cleaning in Queensland state schools in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Minister for Education Grace Grace said schools would now be provided with additional resources to enable progressive cleaning across the course of the day.

“In line with advice from all of Australia’s Chief Health Officers, schools across the nation remain open.” Minister Grace said.

“Role our hard-working cleaning staff play in helping to manage this public health issue is vital.”

“Health, wellbeing and safety of our staff and students is our highest priority throughout this crisis.”

Minister Grace said late today the Department of Education ordered for extended and additional cleaning to commence in all schools.

“We are taking immediate action because there is nothing more important than keeping our students and staff safe.” Minister Grace said.

“This additional cleaning will focus on the high touch points in schools and will happen throughout the day to ensure the risks of transmission are reduced.”

“Schools should pay extra attention to health and hygiene measures including increasing the frequency of the cleaning of toilet facilities and providing additional soap and sanitiser.”

Minister Grace said soap and sanitiser products are essential for the maintenance of good staff and student hygiene.

“We will continue to work with suppliers to ensure schools have access to adequate cleaning and hygiene supplies such as soap, sanitizer, disinfectant.”

“I sincerely thank all of our principals, teachers and staff for your attention to health and hygiene standards in our schools.”

“I particularly want to thank our cleaners for their dedication and commitment to the wellbeing of our students.” Minister Grace said.

Schools are being asked to follow the below protocols when cleaning.

  1. Use disposable microfibre cleaning cloths or, wash or change micro-fibre cloths daily and avoid re-using cloths across multiple surfaces
  2. Use a general cleaner and follow with a disinfectant such as Q-sol, Peersol or S-Clean for precautionary cleans
  3. Pay extra attention to high touch point surfaces such as door handles, light switches, desks, toilets, taps and sinks and use bleach/disinfectant solutions where appropriate for heightened cleanliness
  4. Allow rooms to be exposed to sunlight and be well-ventilated.