Inappropriate Bets Not Tolerated

Inappropriate Bets Not Tolerated

Victoria Minister for Racing Denis Napthine

Napthine: Inappropriate Bets Not Tolerated

Victor P Taffa

Minister for Racing Denis Napthine today confirmed the Victorian Coalition Government’s commitment to maintain the highest level of integrity in Victoria’s racing industry following a crack down on inappropriate betting by Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) staff.

An investigation by the independent Racing Integrity Commissioner (RIC) this week found nine GRV employees, some of whom had direct responsibility in the conduct of the sport, had placed bets on greyhound races. Some bets were placed during working hours.

Eight of the investigations have been finalised with one situation still unresolved and is likely to conclude next week.


From the eight matters that have been finalised:

  • Three employees have had their services terminated forthwith one full time steward, one part time steward and one full time grader (all of whom are prohibited from betting on greyhound races).
  • Four employees have been issued with First and Final warnings (all of whom are prohibited from betting on duty).
  • One part-time employee resigned his position at GRV effective Thursday 4 August, 2011

Betting on greyhound races is a breach of the GRV code of conduct for employees who are responsible for conducting races. Dr Napthine said it is important the code is upheld to protect the integrity of the Victorian greyhound industry.

“These actions by employees who are responsible for the good conduct of greyhound racing are utterly inappropriate and will not be tolerated.” Dr. Napthine said.

Victoria’s racing industry is worth more than $2 Billion to the state economy and provides more than 70,000 jobs. The Coalition Government will not allow this critical industry to be put at risk by breaches of the employee codes of conduct.”

“I am confident, particularly in light of the efficient and independent investigation and the penalties handed down to the employees involved, that Victoria has in place the measures needed to identify and address this inappropriate behaviour.”

GRV Chairman Peter Caillard, who was appointed to the position earlier this week, said despite the actions uncovered by the investigation, there was no suggestion that any greyhound race had been compromised.

“Most importantly, as a result of this joint investigation, GRV and the RIC are satisfied that there is no evidence of any collusion or corrupt practice. As such, the GRV racing integrity has not been compromised.” Mr. Caillard said.

“GRV has acted swiftly and worked cooperatively and closely with the RIC to take action in regards to the breaches made by the unacceptable betting activity of its staff.”

Both GRV and the RIC are satisfied with the level of action taken.

In concluding, the Racing Integrity Commissioner Mr. Sal Perna today said:

“The sanctions administered by GRV are both necessary and proportionate to the importance of the high standards expected of its staff. These actions enhance GRV’s commitment to both racing and people integrity. Having concluded the investigatory part of this matter, we are now working together to address the broader issues of cultural, social and personal issues associated with gambling, together with a review of the GRV policies and/ or rules and overall employee integrity responsibilities.”

The RIC will release a full report, including recommendations, at the completion of the inquiry.