Improving Fire Preparedness

Improving Fire Preparedness

Victoria Minister for the Environment and Climate Change Ryan Smith

Making Our Parks Fire Ready

Victor P Taffa

Minister for the Environment and Climate Change Ryan Smith and Member for Warrandyte today inspected bushfire protection works at Warrandyte as part of a program to improve fire preparedness across parks and other public land on Melbourne’s urban fringe.

Mr. Smith said with the weather improving, Parks Victoria and the Department of Sustainability and Environment would be stepping up preparations for the fire season.

“We want to take the opportunities to reduce fuel loads where and when conditions are safe to do so.” Mr. Smith said.

“Works will include planned burning, as well as clearing vegetation, mowing, mulching and weed control to improve existing fuelbreaks and develop new breaks, as well as improving access for rapid emergency response.”


Mr. Smith said Parks Victoria had commenced works in the Warrandyte area where fuelbreak maintenance and improvement works were a vital part of fire preparedness.

The fire preparedness works are part of the government’s program to improve preparedness on public land, including on national, state and metropolitan parks in the greater Melbourne area.

“New fuelbreaks across our greater Melbourne parklands are a powerful tool to reduce bushfire risk and help protect communities living close to our parks.” Mr. Smith said.

“Fuelbreaks can slow a fire’s spread and intensity, and can be used by firefighters to help control bushfires or conduct planned burns.”

Fuelbreak works will be undertaken over the next few weeks and people may see large machinery in parks. Works are expected to start next week in the Warrandyte area in the Hochkins Ridge Nature Conservation Reserve, Queenstown Bushland Reserve, Warrandyte State Park and Yarra Valley Parklands.