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Acting Victoria Premier Peter Ryan

Victoria Minister for Regional and Rural Development Peter Ryan

Vic Coalition Announces Latrobe Valley Roadmap

Victor P Taffa

The Victorian Coalition Government today unveiled its long-term strategy to guide the Latrobe Valley through challenges imposed by the Federal Government’s new Carbon Tax.

Joined by Coalition Government colleagues at the Latrobe Regional Airport, Acting Premier and Minister for Regional and Rural Development Peter Ryan said the Latrobe Valley Industry and Employment Roadmap built on existing Coalition Government initiatives to create employment and stimulate new investment in the region.

“The Roadmap, which delivers on a key election commitment, showcases the region’s competitive strengths and advantages and provides a long term plan for industry and employment growth in the Latrobe Valley.” Mr. Ryan said.

“The Roadmap’s development over a 14-month period has been underpinned by intensive research and engagement with the region’s business and community groups and responds directly to the recently released advice from the Latrobe Valley Transition Committee.”

The Roadmap outlines a number of Coalition Government initiatives designed to place the region’s economy on a sustainable pathway towards growth, including:

  • An expanded Latrobe Valley Industry and Infrastructure Fund (LVIIF) – An extra $5 million is being provided to expand the LVIIF to $15 million to support business and deliver greater employment outcomes. The Fund will also be redesigned to be more flexible and responsive to business needs;
  • Industry Planning – Funding is being provided to develop growth plans for energy, food, aviation and tourism in the Latrobe Valley. This includes $80,000 towards a new Gippsland aviation industry plan and $80,000 provided to Destination Gippsland Inc to develop a new tourism industry plan;
  • Investment prospectus – $400,000 has been allocated to support the development of a marketing and investment prospectus highlighting key competitive attributes and opportunities and attract new investors to the Latrobe Valley;
  • Accelerated business growth program – $300,000 is being allocated to target high performing firms to expand their potential and look at strengthening supply chains across the region;
  • Small business support – An additional $225,000 will be provided to the region’s local governments to provide business advice, broker support and unlock further potential in the small business sector;
  • Competitive advantages from brown coal – The Coalition Government believes that brown coal can, and should play a key role in our energy future. The Coalition Government is encouraging companies developing low emission coal upgrading technologies in the Latrobe Valley and is progressing a new coal allocation framework to open up new reserves of coal.

“The Roadmap will guide future development in the Latrobe Valley by providing an immediate and co-ordinated set of actions and, importantly, leverage Commonwealth Government assistance and funding opportunities.” Mr. Ryan said.

“The Coalition Government sees this as a chance to drive the powerhouse of the state, and we have not only listened carefully to the local community, but also developed a unified agreement with the Federal Government.”

“Politics has been put aside for practical reasons, and my dealings and workings with the Federal Minister for Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government, Simon Crean, has been constructive.”

“This will require all levels of government to coordinate and deliver the support the Latrobe Valley community needs to strengthen its economy and attract new investment and jobs.”



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