Improved Tools For Children’s Learning

Improved Tools For Children’s Learning

Western Australia Minister for Education Elizabeth Constable

More Help For Parents To Enhance Children’s Before School Learning

Victor P Taffa

Education Minister Liz Constable today launched two booklets for parents of young children, aimed at helping them boost their offspring’s learning in the years before school.

The first of the booklets, Learning Begins At Home was designed to assist parents to help children learn vital skills before they started kindergarten.” Dr. Constable said.

The new products for parents contained credible and easy-to-understand information to help parents better prepare their young children for the classroom.

They will complement the State Government’s move to increase access to kindergarten for all Western Australian children by increasing the number of hours available to 15 hours a week by 2013.

“Boosting young children’s readiness for school is a major priority for the State Government.”

“A child’s early learning experiences are the absolute foundation for their later opportunities and success and I want every child in WA to have the best possible start.” Dr. Constable said.

“Our resources provide credible, practical tips for parents about what they can do at home with their children to boost their learning before they enter school.”

The second booklet, Say ‘Hello’ to Learning, is about making the most of a child’s schooling in kindergarten, pre-primary and year 1.

“Learning in the early years is crucial to a child’s later enjoyment of school and academic achievement and that is why we have produced this material for parents.” Dr. Constable said.

The booklets will be from this week available free at child care centres; community health centres; family health centres and libraries.

The Minister said the booklets were being released to coincide with the enrolment period for kindergarten and pre-primary in public schools for 2012.

“Parents have until July 29 this year to enroll their children in kindergarten and pre-primary for next year.” Dr. Constable said.

“Parents can apply to enroll their child by visiting their local public school.”

Kindergarten and pre-primary are not compulsory but most Western Australian children attend because it helps give them the best start to school.”


WA Minister for Education Elizabeth Constable

WA Minister for Education Elizabeth Constable