Immunisation Rate For Victoria Stands At 95.7 % Of Kids Aged 5 Years In 2018

Immunisation Rate For Victoria Stands At 95.7 % Of Kids Aged 5 Years In 2018

Victoria Minister for Health Jill Hennessy

Victoria Leads The Nation When It Comes To Vaccination Rates

Victor P Taffa

Five-year-old’s in Victoria are now better protected against diseases prevented by vaccination than in any other state in Australia, new data shows.

“Immunisation is safe, effective and it saves lives. We’re so glad that more parents than ever before are taking heed of the message and keeping their kids safe.” Minister for Health Jill Hennessy said.

“This data shows that parents are listening to the experts and the science and ignoring those who tout misinformation that puts kids at risk.”

According to new figures from the Australian Immunisation Register, 95.7 % of kids aged 5 are now fully immunised, the best rate of all Australian states and territories.

Andrews Government’s ‘No Jab, No Play’ laws have seen a steady increase in immunisation rates for Victorian children. Before these laws came into effect, rates were 92.85 %, but thanks to our tough new laws, immunisation rates have powered past our ambitious ‘herd immunity’ target.

Data also shows 97.3 % of Indigenous children in Victoria aged 5 years are fully immunised.

95 % ‘herd immunity’ target is necessary to halt the spread of dangerous and virulent diseases such as measles. High rates of vaccination provide important protection for those who cannot receive vaccines, such as babies who are too young or people who cannot receive vaccines for medical reasons.

“Andrews Government takes a strong approach when it comes to vaccination. We brought back the free whooping cough vaccination program for mums and dads after it was cut by the Liberals, protecting Victoria’s youngest people from the deadly disease.” Minister Hennessy said.

State Government’s new ‘No Jab, No Play’ rules mean only Immunisation History Statements from the Australian Immunisation Register will be accepted as evidence of immunisation and as evidence of medical exemption to vaccination when enrolling a child at childcare or kindergarten.