Immerse Yourself Programme Encourages People To Cool Off In Marine Parks

Immerse Yourself Programme Encourages People To Cool Off In Marine Parks

South Australia Minister for Environment Ian Hunter

Immerse Yourself In SA’s Marine Parks This Summer

Victor P Taffa

Register now for the Immerse Yourself summer holiday marine activities programme to connect with and discover South Australia’s underwater world.



“Summer is a perfect time to cool off in South Australia’s picturesque beaches and learn about our unique marine environments last summer this great programme saw more than 4,000 participants take part in 40 activities across the State and this year we anticipate even more.” Minister for Environment Ian Hunter said.

“The State’s 19 marine parks and 83 sanctuary zones are home to Australia’s most iconic species such as bottlenose dolphins, leafy sea dragons and Australian fur seals, as well as mangrove forests and seagrass meadows.”

Family-friendly marine parks activities will be ramped up this summer, so more people can enjoy the network of marine parks that are helping preserve our incredible marine environment.

“Make the most of your local marine park this summer and immerse yourself in SA’s incredible underwater world to see nature at its best.” Mr. Hunter said.

Activities will include snorkelling days, guided tours of SA’s coasts, building sand castle competitions, recreational fishing, seagrass planting and kayaking events which are free or very affordable.

SA Minister for Environment Ian Hunter









Immerse Yourself Programme is jointly funded by State and Federal Governments as well as Natural Resources Boards across SA, and aims to increase the number of people involved in fun and educational activities in marine parks.

Marine parks are designed to protect plants and animals and the marine environment where they live. In marine parks there are sanctuary zones just like our national parks on land.

Sanctuary zones give marine life a safe place to go about their business of breeding, caring for young and growing to adulthood. Sanctuary zones are natural places where people can boat, swim, snorkel and dive but fishing is not allowed.