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Western Australia Minister for Planning John Day

Paving The Way For Cottesloe’s Renewal

Victor P Taffa

  • Cottesloe’s Town Planning Scheme finalised
  • Modified scheme will allow appropriate improvements to the area
  • Scheme is a result of exhaustive and detailed consideration

The Town of Cottesloe’s Local Planning Scheme No.3 will now proceed, subject to modifications, after the State Government moved to finalise it.

Planning Minister John Day has granted final approval to the scheme following his request that it be readvertised, which led to further detailed consideration by stakeholders and members of the public.

“Cottesloe offers a wonderful lifestyle for residents and is a popular destination for visitors but has long been in need of redevelopment and renewal.” Mr. Day said.


“The proposals have been the subject of exhaustive debate, examination and consultation and I am confident the modifications will encourage the revitalisation of the land around the foreshore area that is needed.”

The modifications to the draft scheme relate mainly to properties fronting Marine Parade between Eric and Forrest streets, including the Ocean Beach Hotel, Cottesloe Beach Hotel, and Lido sites.

The modifications comprise:

  • Proposals that buildings fronting Marine Parade will be generally restricted to five storeys with development above three storeys set back further on the block to reduce visual impact and prevent overshadowing of potential alfresco areas on adjoining properties
  • A building height limit of eight storeys is proposed at the Ocean Beach Hotel site – on which a comparatively tall building already exists but development above three storeys will be set back a minimum of 10 m from all street frontages
  • At the Lido site, a building height limit of six storeys will be imposed; this takes into account the topography of the area meaning a six-storey building would only be half a storey higher than the neighbouring Seapines site.

Cottesloe MLA Colin Barnett welcomed the news and said it would bring an end to 20 years of debate. He said it was not high-rise development and he was sure the majority of those who lived in Cottesloe, and the many other people who used and enjoyed the beach, would benefit from it.

In late 2010, the Minister requested the Town of Cottesloe’s draft scheme be readvertised with modifications which sought to facilitate redevelopment opportunities and further improve and enhance the popular foreshore area.

“The State Government recognised that improving Cottesloe’s appeal required planning controls which encouraged redevelopment and renewal while also giving consideration to its significance as a key tourism and recreation area for all Western Australians.” Mr. Day said.

“The clear direction this planning scheme provides will encourage the redevelopment of some areas that would benefit from renewal.”

“It will be mandatory that the ground floor of all developed blocks is set aside for retail and commercial activities such as cafes, restaurants and shops.

“To add to the diversity of options for visitors to Cottesloe, the first floor of developments on larger sites will also be set aside for short-stay accommodation.” Mr. Day said.

“The provision of greater housing choice has also been a major priority which will attract new residents to the area but will also provide Cottesloe locals with a variety of different housing choices as their needs change in the future.” 

Fact File

  • The Planning Minister’s decision is based on advice from the Western Australian Planning Commission which sought to enable redevelopment opportunities and enhance the popular foreshore area
  • Cottesloe Local Planning Scheme No.3 chronology attached

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