Illegal Puppy Farms To Be Closed

Illegal Puppy Farms To Be Closed

Victoria Premier Ted Baillieu

Rogue Operators Of Illegal Puppy Farms To Be Shut Down

Victor P Taffa

The Coalition Government has sent a strong message to rogue operators of illegal puppy farms, with new legislation tabled in the Victorian Parliament this week, Premier Ted Baillieu said today.

Revealing some of the toughest penalties ever, the new legislation will crack down on illegal puppy farms with massive fines for cruelty, equipping the RSPCA with new policing and confiscation powers, seizing profits and assets of illegal puppy farms and establishing an Animal Welfare Fund.

“The Baillieu Government has delivered on its election commitment, sending a strong message to those who abuse animals that we will not tolerate cruelty to animals.” Premier Baillieu said.

“The community has rallied for these changes to the law which will protect animals from abuse and neglect, while ensuring operators of illegal puppy farms are held accountable for the treatment and welfare of animals in their care.”

“Those found guilty of cruelty to animals and operating illegal puppy farms will face tough penalties including massive fines and bans on owning or working with animals for up to 10 years.”

“The Coalition Government has recognised the great work done by community foster care networks which treat and rehouse these abused animals, by creating a $1.6 Million Animal Welfare Fund.”

“This fund will provide for the welfare of animals, assist animal shelters and provide education to the community on responsible pet ownership.”

“As a pet owner myself I note these new changes are a necessity that will raise awareness within the community and ensure a crackdown on these cruel and illegal puppy farms.” Premier Baillieu said.

The Coalition Government’s crackdown includes:

• An increase in maximum penalties for puppy farms operating illegally, from $1,195 to $20,000;

• Penalties of up to $30,000 for rogue operators that breach the Code of Practice;

• A ban on owning animals of up to 10 years for those found guilty of operating un-registered puppy farms or breaching the Code of Practice;

• The introduction of a new offence for breeding establishments that fail to provide a microchip number (or council domestic animal business registration number) in an advertisement for a dog or cat;

• The potential seizure of profits, assets and property of illegal puppy farm operators.