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Victoria Attorney-General Robert Clark

New Appointment To The Magistrates’ Court

Victor P Taffa

Attorney-General Robert Clark today announced the appointment of lawyer Ian Watkins to the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria.

Mr. Clark said Mr Watkins brought a wealth of experience to the bench.

“Mr. Watkins has been a partner in Wangaratta-based law firm McSwineys for the past 22 years.” Mr. Clark said.

“He has appeared as a lawyer in the County Court, Children’s Court, Magistrates’ Court, Family Court, Supreme Court and the Federal Magistrates’ Court in civil, criminal and family law jurisdictions.”

“He will bring more than 28 years’ experience in legal practice in rural communities to the Magistrates’ Court.” Mr. Clark said.


Mr. Clark said Mr. Watkins had a long history of undertaking pro bono work for schools, churches and sporting clubs, as well as acting as an honorary solicitor to many organisations in the Wangaratta district.

“Mr. Watkins has strong community links in Rural Northern and Eastern Victoria as a Chairman of 10 years at Central Hume Support Services Inc, which provides support services to those affected by family violence and homelessness.” Mr. Clark said.

“As a Magistrate, Mr. Watkins will bring that community experience and his many years of legal practice to the Victorian Justice System.”

“I would like to congratulate him on his successful appointment.” Mr. Clark said.


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