How Will Railway And Tramway Lines Get Built With Carbon Tax Regime?

How Will Railway And Tramway Lines Get Built With Carbon Tax Regime?

Queensland Opposition Leader John-Paul Langbroek

Bligh’s Failure On Carbon Tax Will Cost Families

Victor P Taffa

Queenslanders would pay the price of Premier Anna Bligh’s failure to stand up to Prime Minister Julia Gillard over the carbon tax, the Liberal National Party (LNP) said today.

State Opposition and LNP Leader JP Langbroek said Queenslanders would pay increased prices for electricity, fuel and food when Julia Gillard’s carbon tax was introduced from July next year.

“A carbon tax is bad for business, bad for families and the LNP will oppose it every step of the way.” Mr. Langbroek said.

“Queensland families’ budgets are already breaking from the rising cost of living caused by the economic incompetence of this long-term Bligh Labor Government.”

“Every time they turn on a tap, turn on a light, buy fuel, pay their registration or rates, buy food or travel on public transport they are paying the price of this long-term Labor Government’s economic mismanagement.” Mr. Langbroek said.

“Now because Anna Bligh as Labor’s National President doesn’t have the courage to confront Julia Gillard over her broken promise that she wouldn’t introduce a carbon tax, they are going to be hit again.”

“Bligh and Labor can make whatever excuses they like, call it whatever they like, but the cold, hard fact is Julia Gillard’s so-called ‘carbon pricing’ is an insidious tax on everyday living costs.”

“Anna Bligh has betrayed Queensland families because she refuses to admit a tax is a tax is a tax that will have a negative impact on almost every aspect of their lives.” Mr. Langbroek said.

The key question that only the Greens Party can answer is how will taxing Australia through the eyeballs with a Carbon Tax is going to expand Railway and Tramway Lines that the Greens also support?

Is the so-called debate on a Carbon Tax an excuse NOT to build Railway and Tramway Lines?

Why won’t the New South Wales Independent Federal Members for Lyne and New England both simply sign up and become card carrying members of the Labor Party? Both of these men are nice people however if you sit on a fence for long enough you end up with splinters in your backside.