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South Australia Shadow Attorney-General Stephen Wade

Labor Exposed For Playing Politics With Crime Bill

Victor P Taffa

Labor has been exposed as playing politics with a crime bill to support its ‘tough on crime’ spin.

The Weatherill Labor Government has repeatedly claimed that Police support the Government’s changes to the Correctional Services Act to allow Police to lock up a person suspected of breaching parole who poses a risk to public safety.

However, it was revealed in a Police briefing this week that the Police do not support the provision and do not intend to use it if it becomes law.

“Labor Ministers and the Police Union have repeatedly claimed to speak for the Police when calling for parole breach changes, yet senior Police have indicated that Labor’s law would not work.” Shadow Attorney-General Stephen Wade said.

“Labor has misrepresented the position of the Police to generate political mileage.”

“It goes to show that Labor cannot be trusted.” Mr. Wade said.

“The Liberal Party’s close scrutiny of the laws has been absolutely justified by these revelations.”

“Labor is more concerned with media spin than improving safety for South Australians.” Mr. Wade said.


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