How Sincere Is The Government On Environmental Issues?

How Sincere Is The Government On Environmental Issues?

South Australia Shadow Environment Minister Michelle Lensink

Labor’s Marine Park “Consultation” Farce Continues

Victor P Taffa

South Australians should be sceptical that Labor’s latest Marine Park consultation process will continue to lack transparency and fail to deliver results to communities.

Labor has released a $200,000 tender to assess the economic, social and environmental impact of banning fishing in certain areas.

Given Labor’s failure to consult regional communities on marine parks in the past this latest round of “consultation” will be cold comfort to local fishers, holiday home owners and residents.

Shadow Environment Minister Michelle Lensink said the impact statements need to be far more comprehensive.

“Instead of properly carrying out the initial consultation process Labor is throwing good money after bad to fix their mistake.” Ms. Lensink said.

“This is a rush job. The tender document identifies that the statements must be completed by September this year leaving little time to collect sufficient data.”

“Labor has a track record of short changing South Australians this is the Government that conducted a Regional Impact Statement on the sale of the state’s forests after the decision to sell had already been made.”

“You can’t trust Labor to complete this process thoroughly and transparently or to deliver the best outcomes for South Australians.” Ms. Lensink said.