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Tasmania Opposition Leader Will Hodgman

Tasmanian Forest Agreement

Victor P Taffa

This is not a “peace” deal it is a deal to keep Labor in Power. $276 Million is the price of Labor selling out the forest industry to appease Nick McKim, Bob Brown, and the Greens according to Opposition Leader Will Hodgman.

“It is a deal which is bad for Tasmania cutting a $1.4 Billion industry literally in half, before winding it down to nothing, is absolute madness.”

“Labor went to the election promising to renew the Regional Forest Agreement. Instead, they have ripped it up, cutting the Tasmanian forest industry literally in half and betraying timber workers and communities right around the state.” Mr. Hodgman said.


“The policy adopted is almost identical to the Tasmanian Greens 2010 forestry policy. It’s also similar to the crazy policy put forward by Mark Latham in 2004 but which came with more than three times more money a proposal which Tasmanian Labor quite rightly rejected at the time.”

“Taxpayer money should not be used to buy out jobs, it should be used to grow industry and create jobs. I note that there appears to be no guarantees about the re-opening of Triabunna and there is definitely no guarantee about “peace in our time.” Mr. Hodgman said.

“My thoughts today are with the workers and with the community’s right around Tasmania that depend on forestry and have been gutted by today’s foul deal between Labor and the Greens.”

“I am extremely disappointed that Ms. Giddings has apparently rejected my offer today to work together to save forestry jobs and grow the industry.” Mr. Hodgman said.

“As we demonstrated with our 13-point plan, there is a way to protect and grow jobs in the forest industry while improving environmental outcomes and providing critical support to those forest contracts affected by Gunns commercial decision to exit native forestry.

“We will closely examine the detail of today’s announcement.” Mr. Hodgman said.


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