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ACT Opposition Leader Zed Seselja

First Home Prices Continue To Rise Under ACT Labor

Victor P Taffa

Information obtained by the Canberra Liberals has revealed that first homes in the ACT now cost an average of $408,812.

ACT Opposition Leader Zed Seselja said today that it is misleading for Andrew Barr to claim that first home owners are better off now than ever before, when the reality is that first home prices are continuing to rise under ACT Labor and it is becoming increasingly difficult for Canberrans to own their own home.

“Over the past 11 years Canberra’s first home prices have soared with the average now costing over $408,000.” Mr. Seselja said.

“First home buyers have never paid so much but the ACT Labor Government is telling them that they are better off now more than ever before.”

“The massive tax on units is already damaging the ACT’s housing industry, coming on top of a decade where first home buyers have suffered.” Mr Seselja said.

“Under ACT Labor water costs have tripled, electricity is going up, and rates have doubled in many suburbs, and now with the governments so called stamp duty tax reform they are only adding more pressure to first home buyers, with most facing higher stamp duty costs under the changes.”

“The Canberra Liberals understand that the ACT Government can influence housing, and have solutions to the affordability issues caused by ACT Labor. These include infrastructure and taxation reform, a genuine land bank, streamlining the planning system and improving competition in the market.”

“These shocking figures prove just how out of touch this government is with people they represent.” Mr Seselja said.


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