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Victoria Shadow Minister for Planning Matthew Guy

Part-Time Planning Minister Flip-Flops On Growth Boundary

Victor P Taffa

Planning policy in Victoria is in chaos following contradictory statements made by the Minister.

Labor’s confusion on whether the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) deepened today with Premier John Brumby’s part-time planning Minister contradicting himself in Parliament today.

In response to questions by the Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition about whether it remains Government policy to move the UGB, the Planning Minister stated it was and that it needed to happen soon.



Then when answering the very next question from the Coalition, the Planning Minister declared he was confident Melbourne has ‘enough land for the short and medium terms’ and moving the UGB was not essential in the immediate future.

“John Brumby’s part-time Planning Minister has shot himself in the foot with this absurd contradiction, which will cause further confusion amongst developers and the broader community.” Shadow Planning Minister Matthew Guy said today.

The part-time Planning Minister’s shameful history of UGB flip-flops includes:

  • Stating on 12 November 2009 that failing to expand the Urban Growth Boundary would “increase the cost of housing by up to $30,000…”
  • Claiming on 5 January 2010 that “we (the Brumby government) are not in a hurry to move the urban growth boundary,” and that ”we have sufficient land supply for the short term”
  • Stating on 19 February 2010 that not allowing the expansion of the UGB would “push up house prices for families wanting to enter the housing market.”

“Victorians need certainty on vital planning issues, not confusion and contradiction from a part-time Planning Minister.” Mr. Guy said.

Planning policies in both New South Wales and Victoria are ensuring rental prices remain at unaffordable levels.

Planning is being restricted to existing transport corridors and this flawed policy is creating a housing crisis and this is having a having a flow on into law and order.

The Federal Government makes noises about solving the housing crisis but then stands by and watches boat after boat of illegal arrivals flood our shores.

Former Prime Minister John Howard took decisive action and defended Australia’s borders effectively.

Migration to Australia is to be welcomed although as with my ancestors people should arrive through the front door.

Planning and Migration goes hand in hand and denial of both problems solves nothing.


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