Housing Crisis Worsens

Housing Crisis Worsens

Northern Territory Opposition Leader Terry Mills

Northern Territory Shadow Minister on Public & Affordable Housing Terry Mills

Critical Public Housing Nowhere To Be Seen

Victor P Taffa

When the Northern Territory entered 2010 a crisis in public housing was under way. Government had been reducing Public Housing stocks, properties were vacant for months at a time and wait times for people to get into homes had blown out.


“Twelve months later, the issue about Public Housing dysfunction has only gotten worse.” Leader of the Opposition and Shadow Minister on Public and Affordable Housing Terry Mills said today.

“The most recent statistics on Public Housing wait lists for December 2010 show a blow out in the time it would take a struggling family to get into home of up to a year and more.” Mr. Mills said.

“The wait for a 3 bedroom home in Alice Springs has jumped 11 months to 4 and a half years while in Darwin and Casuarina it now takes 5 and a half years, an extra seven months.”

“The wait for a 2 bedroom home has jumped by two years in Tennant Creek, and anybody looking for housing assistance in Nhulunbuy needs to wait an unattainable 8 years till delivery.” Mr. Mills said.

“Not only are family homes in extreme demand, pensioners and small families are suffering an increased wait as well.”

“Across the Territory, if you were an average family in need of a roof over your head, the most basic of requirements, you would pay Australia’s most expensive rents, buy some of Australia’s most expensive homes, or only if you qualified, go on a public waiting list for 5 years or more.” Mr. Mills said.

“This Government has failed dismally in delivering low cost housing in 2010 including no movement on worker villages in Alice Springs and Darwin and a failure to attract investments under the National Rental Affordability Scheme.”

“The Henderson Labor Government just hasn’t delivered enough on Public Housing.” Mr. Mills said.