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Victor P Taffa

When we were growing up we were told and it was demonstrated to us that all Doctors were good people and would make you better.

What changes is when Doctors know that you have Political Ambitions.

In December 1982 as a 17 year old Victor P Taffa joined the Liberal Party because it stood for Free Enterprise and as some would think to the contrary it still does.

There were no Doctors in 1982 that had some problems against Victor P Taffa because they had not heard of him or he had not contested Public Elections.

In 2003 when taken to Macquarie Psychiatric Hospital the ‘Delusions of Grandeur’ was a sick excuse to justify other Politicians bias against Victor P Taffa.

After discharge Victor P Taffa was given varying dosage of Olanzapine by Ryde Mental Health service that almost resulted in death.  This would have been a neat exit for some people.

In 2007 when seriously ill Doctors in the sick New South Wales Health System considered Brain Surgery and removal of Two Big Toenails to solve the illnesses that Victor P Taffa was confronted with.

Blood Test results in 2007 for Victor P Taffa indicated that he should have died however intestinal fortitude and strength showed otherwise. This is something that the cowardly Doctors at Royal North Shore Hospital simply do not have.

A person of less fortitude and character would have given in and death could easily have been the result.

In 2009 niggling and harassment occurred during consultations and these same Doctors stopped Victor P Taffa from driving a Taxi when others were allowed in similar circumstance to continue.

This niggling and harassment led in March 2010 to Victor P Taffa being placed in Macquarie Hospital for 7 Weeks. The requirement to have an R.T.A. driving form filled out was a political tool by the Hospital against Victor P Taffa. Doctors knew in advance of the consultation about the need to have the form filled out.

Had Sir Winston Churchill of been locked up in a Psychiatric Hospital during World War 2 Great Britain would have Lost the War.

On the eve of the Federal Election and during the campaign again there has been an ongoing campaign against Victor P Taffa and this continued After the Close of Nominations.

Should any person not wish to see Railway and Tramway Lines built then they can stand as Candidates against Victor P Taffa in the Future.

When all is said and done if any Doctor objects to what has been written then perhaps they should consider whether or not there has been Political Pressure from those that pay the Bills.

Victor P Taffa is not going away and will not back off from the need to expand Our Railways and Tramways. The best way forward for this to occur is as a Member of Parliament.

Any serving Politician who does not wish to commit the funds required and cut the Opening Ceremony Ribbon for New Railway Lines can stand aside and retire gracefully.


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