Hormone-Free Beef Is A Lot Of Bull

Hormone-Free Beef Is A Lot Of Bull

Queensland Acting Shadow Minister for Primary Industries Howard Hobbs

Coles Campaign On Beef Clouds The Facts

Victor P Taffa

Supermarket Giant Coles have been accused of clouding the facts from consumers with its emotional anti-hormone beef campaign.

Acting Shadow Minister for Primary Industries Howard Hobbs said Coles was not being upfront and riding on the back of dodgy political moves in Europe to ban hormone growth promotants.

“Coles is not telling the full story. Its marketing campaign is using fear of the unknown to promote hormone-free beef that’s no better and certainly no safer.” Mr. Hobbs said.

Mr. Hobbs said consumers and environmentalists needed to heed the strong stance taken by leading veterinarians and agricultural scientists who have condemned Coles.


“I wholeheartedly agree with Professor Ian Lean of Sydney University’s Faculty of Veterinary Science who has stated the Coles campaign is creating unnecessary worry to consumers and has the potential to cost our beef industry hundreds of millions of dollars.”

Mr. Hobbs said it was about time the truth was told that HGPs posed absolutely no health risk.

“Indeed, without their use, our Beef Industry will lose significant efficiencies, with growth rates down by up to 30 %.” Mr. Hobbs said.

“Consumers need to see through this nonsense from Coles and realise that with production losses of that level, the extra pressure on the environment through lost water, pasture, grain and fertiliser efficiency is enormous.”

“I strongly urge anyone who wants to support our Beef Industry and the efficient production of safe, healthy beef to make an informed choice when buying Beef.” Mr. Hobbs said.