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Queensland Minister for Police Jack Dempsey

Police Minister Cracks Down On Hoons

Victor P Taffa

Eleven cars will be auctioned off on the Gold Coast tomorrow as the Newman Government cracks down on repeat hoons.

Police Minister Jack Dempsey said Police would continue to confiscate vehicles from those who chose to disobey the road rules.

“The Queensland Police Service and the Newman Government will not tolerate dangerous or anti-social behaviour on our roads.” Mr. Dempsey said.

“Each one of these vehicles has been taken away from a repeat offender who was caught either driving an unregistered or uninsured vehicle, driving whilst unlicensed or disqualified, drink driving with a blood alcohol content above 0.15 % or failing to supply a specimen to Police.”

“They have also been impounded from hoons and people driving illegally modified vehicles.”

“These offenders need to realise that their actions could have fatal consequences.”

Mr. Dempsey said the Newman Government’s tougher anti-hooning laws will include taking cars off the road for a first hooning offence.

“At the moment for a Type one hooning first offence the vehicle is only impounded for 48 hours.” Mr. Dempsey said.

“We are going to make sure first time hooning offenders hand over their keys and have their cars clamped for three months and their car will be forfeited, sold or crushed, for any subsequent offence within the next five years.”

“We will also allow Police to issue an infringement notice for a Type two ‘pre-impoundment offence’ rather than having to proceed by way of a Notice to Appear in court or an arrest.”

“These changes will provide another option to impoundment, cut through red tape and reduce paperwork to allow frontline police to spend more time on the road.”

Mr. Dempsey urged people to drive responsibly and said the loss of a vehicle could cost someone their job.

“Illegal street racing, burn outs, donuts, drifting and speeding are highly dangerous activities and could harm local families and businesses.” Mr. Dempsey said.

“This Government is serious about cracking down on hoons and if they can’t drive safely they won’t drive at all.”

“Residents are encouraged to call the hoon hotline on 13 HOON (13 4666) to report any reckless or anti-social behaviour on our roads.”

Vehicles will be auctioned on Wednesday, July 4, 2012 commencing at 10 am at Nationwide Towing and Transport, 12 Industrial Avenue, Molendinar.

Inspection of vehicles is permitted between 8 am and 10 am prior to the commencement of the auction at the holding yard. No inspections will be allowed prior to this time.

Any inquiries regarding these vehicles are to be directed to Sergeant M Jackson on 5581 2859.

Sale of these vehicles is subject to any claimant providing evidence of ownership by 4 pm Monday.


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