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Western Australia Minister for Environment Donna Faragher

Cockatoos To Benefit From New Purpose-Built Facility

Victor P Taffa

Environment Minister Donna Faragher today opened new State-Of-The-Art facilities for the rehabilitation of Endangered Black Cockatoos in Suburban Perth.

Mrs. Faragher said the $340,000 Purpose-Built Building and enclosure at the Native Animal Rescue (NAR) Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Malaga was a major step forward for the conservation of Carnaby’s Black Cockatoos.

“This new facility will diversify the facilities available for Carnaby’s black cockatoo rehabilitation in Western Australia and will further safeguard the species by limiting the spread of potential disease.” the Minister said.

The facilities were funded by Lotterywest and the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) through the Fiona Stanley Hospital Project.



The Minister also opened a $140,000 Lotterywest-funded mammal enclosure to House critically endangered woylies as part of a combined DEC, Murdoch University and Australian Wildlife Conservancy Research Project.

“Management of threatened Species is a complex issue that requires a great deal of research and a co-ordinated approach.” Mrs. Faragher said.

“I recently established the Threatened Species Council to improve collaboration in research and on-ground activities needed to protect endangered species.”

“The research undertaken at these new facilities will add to the body of knowledge available to those who are working to protect WA’s Threatened Species.” Mrs. Faragher said.

Other new facilities launched today included a security system upgrade, renovations to the biosecurity unit, new monitoring equipment for woylies and a new rescue vehicle fit-out.

“NAR is one of a number of native animal rehabilitation organisations run by volunteers, operating seven days a week.” Mrs. Faragher said.

“These new facilities will continue to boost their capacity to care for sick, injured and orphaned native animals in WA.”

“We are Proud to Support Community Groups and Organisations that help our native wildlife through the State Government’s Environmental Community Grants program which provided some of the funding for this Major Project.” Mrs. Faragher said.


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