Hodgman Govt Vows Not To Rebuild PT-73 For Tasmania

Hodgman Govt Vows Not To Rebuild PT-73 For Tasmania

Tasmania Minister for Police and Emergency Management Rene Hidding

Lazy Labor Getting In Early With An April Fool’s Joke

Victor P Taffa

Minister for Police and Emergency Management Rene Hidding said emphatically that the Hodgman Government will not be lectured on Police boats by the author, designer and constructor of one of Australia’s most spectacular ministerial failures ever.

“The then-Minister Llewellyn’s personal involvement in the disaster meant that the PV Fortescue never really entered active service. It became a metaphor for his Labor Government, leaky, noisy, expensive, dangerous and totally unfit for purpose.” Mr. Hidding said.

“It took the new Hodgman Government to deal decisively with the mess and dispose of the vessel with a top bid of 10 % of what it had cost the taxpayers.”

“Former Minister David Llewellyn recently showed the Parliament that he has not learnt a thing from the debacle, when he boldly claimed that there was never anything actually wrong with his own personal bathtub toy, despite the vessel being taken out of service almost as soon as it was launched due to multiple problems.”

“PV Fortescue was almost half the size of what this new vessel will be, and we are able to provide the new vessel due to our strong budget management since coming to Government.”

The original project price was an early estimate only and was made during dollar parity with the US. The lack of any off-the-shelf options, along with the change in dollar value, is the reason for the increase in price with most of the engineering and command systems on board priced in US dollars.

“Tasmanians can rest assured that we are deadly serious about building an ocean-going Police vessel of the highest quality and will not cut corners unlike the previous Labor-Green Government. The Department of Police and Emergency Management are handling the contractual negotiations, and I expect an announcement soon.”

“David Llewellyn should hang his head in shame as this new vessel will actually be able to go to sea and will provide the highest level of safety for our brave marine Police officers.” Mr. Hidding said.


The PT-73 Patrol Boat was famous in the 1960’s television sitcom McHale’s Navy that saw many battles at sea yet never really went anywhere.