Hodgman Govt To Provide $1.2 Million For Community Legal Centres

Hodgman Govt To Provide $1.2 Million For Community Legal Centres

Tasmania Attorney-General Vanessa Goodwin

$1.2 Million For Legal Assistance

Victor P Taffa

Hodgman Government will provide $1.2 Million to Community Legal Centres (CLC’s) and the Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania (LACT) for 2017/18, Attorney-General Vanessa Goodwin said.

It will fully offset reductions in Commonwealth funding which apply from 1 July.

“Having the budget back on track means the Government is able to reinvest in priority areas such as protecting the vulnerable in our community.” Attorney-General Goodwin said.

“State Government recognises and values the important role that legal assistance organisations play in our community, and this funding will allow the CLC’s and the LACT to continue delivering important legal advice and assistance to the most vulnerable members of our community.”

“We will continue working closely with the legal assistance organisations throughout the year to improve community awareness about the legal assistance services that are available in Tasmania and how to access them.” Attorney-General Goodwin said.