Hodgman Govt To Extend St. Helens Rock Training Wall

Hodgman Govt To Extend St. Helens Rock Training Wall

Tasmania Minister for Infrastructure Rene Hidding

Government Acts To Improve Vessel Safety At St. Helens

Victor P Taffa

A Request For Tender has been advertised today calling for suitably qualified contractors to construct an extension to the rock training wall at Blanche Point, St. Helens.

“The Hodgman Government is continuing to invest in projects that create jobs and result in improved safety.” Minister for Infrastructure Rene Hidding said.

The State Government provided $589,000 to complete this important upgrade that will allow the safe navigation of vessels into the port of St. Helens, with Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST) and the Break O’Day Council also providing contributions of $250,000 and $200,000.

An extended training wall will create jobs for the state and improve safety for vessels coming in and out of Georges Bay.

Originally the training wall was completed in 1984, but over time has diminished in effectiveness due to a constant build-up of sand.

While dredging has been completed, it is not an ongoing sustainable option and MAST has been working on a longer-term solution that includes the extension of the existing training wall.

It is expected that extension works will commence in late August 2016, with a likely time frame of five to seven weeks for completion.

Tenders close at 4.00 pm on Friday, 29 July 2016.