Hodgman Govt Supports School Students Going Onto Years 11 And 12

Hodgman Govt Supports School Students Going Onto Years 11 And 12

Tasmania Minister for Education and Training Jeremy Rockliff

A brighter 2017 For Year 11 And 12 Students

Victor P Taffa

Hodgman Government’s goal is to lead the nation in education and create a job-ready generation. This means more students need to stay at school longer and remain engaged in education.

We are sending a clear message to the Tasmanian community that school doesn’t end in Year 10, with an additional 18 schools around the state offering Years 11 and 12 this year under our plan to extend high schools, Minister for Education and Training Jeremy Rockliff said.

Marking this milestone, the Premier and I were honoured to join students and their families from the

  • Teggana Collective Schools,
  • Bayview Secondary College,
  • Clarence High School,
  • Campania District High School,
  • Rose Bay High School,
  • Sorell School,
  • Triabunna District High School,
  • Rosny College.

Following exceptionally strong community support, there will be a total number of 38 schools offering Years 11 and 12 from 2018 far exceeding our commitment to extend 21 schools to Year 12 by 2018.

Number of schools wanting to extend clearly demonstrates that we are providing the means and building the ambition for even more Tasmanian students to want to complete Year 12.

This is achieving results, with the just released Report on Government Services showing an increase in the Year 10-12 Government Apparent Retention Rate for 2015 of 73.8 % compared with 70.1 % in 2014.

“Extending our high schools to Years 11 and 12 provides the right mix of senior secondary study opportunities to meet the individual and diverse needs of every student.” Mr. Rockliff said.

Talking with students and their families today it has become even more apparent how beneficial it is for these students to undertake Years 11 and 12, being offered at their local high school and how it will help them continue their education.

“This Government believes Tasmanians deserve better today and for generations to come, which is why we are investing in the future of the state. That is why we will continue to implement our long term plan for education to ensure every Tasmanian student can look forward to a brighter future.” Mr. Rockliff said.