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Tasmania Minister for Health Michael Ferguson

More Money And Staff For Health

Victor P Taffa

Under the Hodgman Government, the number of nurses, doctors and health staff will continue to rise, Minister for Health Michael Ferguson said.

“To be absolutely clear the State Government will keep adding staff to our health system, not cutting them.”

“This Government has shown repeatedly that we respond to extra demand in the health system by putting in more money and employing more staff.” Minister Ferguson said.

“When a report came in from the THS in April suggesting we should cut 100 health staff, we rejected that suggestion and instead have added more than 200 new staff since then.”

“In the first term of Government we added 90 more doctors, over 370 extra nurses, 66 more Allied Health Professionals, and opened 120 more hospital beds. We’ve committed to adding 1,300 more staff over the next 6 years.”


“In this year’s State Budget in June we put in an additional $465 Million in health investment. $400 Million more is being spent on health this year than when we came to Government.” Minister Ferguson said.

“Under the Hodgman Government we’re spending more than 30 % of the State’s total budget on health. Under previous Governments this was as low as 24 %.”

Between 2016 and now demand on our ED Departments has risen by more than 7,000 patients a year. That’s why we’ve consistently said there’s much more to do in health and we’re increasing our spending and our staffing accordingly.

We wouldn’t have committed hundreds of millions of extra health spending in the last budget if we weren’t absolutely clear that there is much more to do in health.

“Over the next 4 years, we will recruit an additional 478 full-time staff as we deliver our 6-year $757 Million plan to build a better health system.” Minister Ferguson said.



THS                 Tasmanian Health Service

ED                   Emergency Department


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