Hodgman Govt Looks To The Future With Funding Of New TT-Line Vessels

Hodgman Govt Looks To The Future With Funding Of New TT-Line Vessels

Tasmania Treasurer Peter Gutwein

TT-Line Vessel Replacement Bill Passes Parliament

Victor P Taffa

Treasurer Peter Gutwein announced that TT-Line’s Vessel Replacement Fund Bill has now passed Parliament without amendment, despite Labor shamefully voting against the Bill.

“TT-Line’s Vessel Replacement Fund will ensure Tasmania is well placed to meet the future replacement cost of the Spirits as the money will be locked away and only able to be used for that purpose. It will also allow further contributions to be deposited as the state budget allows.” Treasurer Gutwein said.

Importantly, the legislation will protect the funds we are setting aside for new ships from a raid by any future Labor government like they did with the Superannuation Provision Account.

“We pay hundreds of millions of dollars annually, and this figure is rising, to meet the costs of the defined benefit superannuation scheme, all because Labor and the Greens couldn’t stick to a long term plan.” Treasurer Gutwein said.


Increasing costs that we have to meet could be better spent on frontline services and this underlines the importance of the Vessel Replacement Fund.

“Hodgman Government has a long term Plan for Tasmania, which includes the replacement of the TT-line ships, and we are getting on with the job of implementing it.”

“Budget is back in the black, we have set a strong and sensible direction for TT-Line and we have ensured the State can pay for the next generation of ships when they are required.” Treasurer Gutwein said.

Spirit Of Tasmania would be complemented by a roll-on roll-off Rail Ferry across Bass Strait










Roll-On Roll-Off Rail Ferry Across Bass Strait

Funding for a TT-Line Vessel replacement is good news from the Hodgman Government as purchasing new Vessel’s increase patronage.

Complimenting a Car Ferry would be a Roll-On Roll-Off Rail Ferry Across Bass Strait for:

  • Freight Trains
  • High Speed Rail services (aka Japan’s Bullet Train)
  • Regional Rail services
  • Suburban Rail services
  • Tram Cars.

Car Ferries and Rail Ferries serve different markets and customers. One is not out to replace the other. Both would complement each other and in peak season this will increase available seating capacity where otherwise passengers would be turned away.