Hodgman Govt Launches Campaign Against Coward’s Punch

Hodgman Govt Launches Campaign Against Coward’s Punch

Tasmania Premier Will Hodgman

Calling Out The Coward Punch

Victor P Taffa

Safety of people in our hospitality venues, whether patrons or professionals, is essential.

“That’s why the Tasmanian Government has committed $200,000 towards ‘Stop the Coward’s Punch’, campaign to increase awareness and educate people around one-punch attacks.” Premier Will Hodgman said.

Program, run by the Tasmanian Hospitality Association, also aims to give young people advice on how to avoid and de-escalate violent situations.

These senseless and sometimes fatal attacks are often unprovoked and indiscriminate, but can leave lasting and devastating effects on the victim, their families and our community.

This long-term media campaign will be developed in line with Danny Green’s national program, but will be personalised to target the Tasmanian audience.

A steering-committee has developed the campaign, with input from local identities including Dave Noonan, Al Plath and David Foster, who will also champion the campaign.

“In line with our election commitment to introduce legislation that will specifically address “one punch” attacks, the Tasmanian Government will soon commence public consultation on proposed reforms which ensure violent offenders who cause the death of others will be criminally responsible for consequences of their actions.” Premier Hodgman said.