Hodgman Govt Determined To Fix Water And Sewerage Infrastructure

Hodgman Govt Determined To Fix Water And Sewerage Infrastructure

Tasmania Treasurer Peter Gutwein

Infrastructure Tasmania Confirm Government’s Plan To Fix TasWater Will Work

Victor P Taffa

Treasurer Peter Gutwein said that the Hodgman Government wants to fix Tasmania’s failing water and sewerage infrastructure, keep prices down and improve services.

“One of the key components of our plan is accelerating TasWater’s 10 year infrastructure program, and completing it within 5 years of taking over the business.” Treasurer Peter Gutwein said.

“This is an ambitious commitment, but today I am releasing a detailed report and modelling prepared by Infrastructure Tasmania that shows our plan can deliver better infrastructure sooner.”

Importantly, the report has been peer reviewed by respected engineering and civil construction firm, pitt&sherry, who have also confirmed that our plan is achievable.

We know that fixing infrastructure sooner will deliver long-term benefits to the community. Treasury has also considered the plan and provided an assessment that shows the accelerated plan would drive economic growth. The Government is also committed to ensuring prices are lower, by capping price increases.

By completing the existing 10-year works program within 5 years of taking over the business, we will also be able to commence work sooner on stage 2 projects including the Launceston storm-water project, and Macquarie Point.

Earlier this year, the Economic Regulator found that TasWater’s infrastructure was deteriorating faster than it could be fixed. We can’t allow this to continue. That’s why the Government wants to step in, take responsibility and fix the problem.

“Enough is enough. Tasmanians are rightly sick of third world infrastructure. It’s time to fix the mess.” Treasurer Peter Gutwein said.