Hodgman Govt Acts Swiftly To Save The Critically Endangered Swift Parrot

Hodgman Govt Acts Swiftly To Save The Critically Endangered Swift Parrot

Tasmania Minister for the Environment Elise Archer

Protecting The Critically Endangered Swift Parrot

Victor P Taffa

It is estimated that up to 85 % of the critically endangered Swift Parrot population is at potential risk each season of being killed by Sugar Gliders, Minister for the Environment Elise Archer said.

“Sugar Gliders will eat Swift Parrot eggs, kill chicks and even adult Swift Parrots, drastically decreasing the reproductive success of the species.” Minister Archer said.

Research has shown that sugar gliders can have a devastating impact on Swift Parrot breeding success, with statistics showing 79 % of nests and 65 % of breeding females on mainland Tasmania can fall victim to Sugar Gliders each year.

Following this revelation, the Federal Government changed the listing of the Swift Parrot from ‘Endangered’ to ‘Critically Endangered’ in 2016.

Combating the threat of Sugar Gliders is critical, which is why the Hodgman Government is funding an innovative trial to protect the critically endangered Swift Parrot.

A total of $150,000 will be used to trial trapping Sugar Gliders in 80 nesting boxes in Tasmania, effectively creating safe zones for Swift Parrots to breed.

TAS Minister for Environment Elise Archer









This trial is hoped to protect nesting Swift Parrots from Sugar Glider attacks and improve breeding outcomes of the species.

It was recently confirmed that Sugar Gliders are not native to Tasmania, but were brought here from Victoria in the early 1800’s, and now lives throughout all the Swift Parrot’s breeding habitat in Tasmania.

Nest boxes will be placed in Swift Parrot breeding areas and monitored. When Sugar Gliders are trapped, they will be removed from the area and humanely euthanised.