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Tasmania Premier Will Hodgman

Sustainable Expansion To Create Jobs For Tasmania’s Salmon Industry

Victor P Taffa

Tasmania’s salmon industry is set for sustainable expansion with the Government accepting the independent Marine Farming Planning Review Panel’s recommendations on 2 marine farm planning proposals in Storm Bay, Premier Will Hodgman said.

“180 additional jobs are expected to be created in our salmon industry with the progression of the 2 marine farm proposals.”

Decision relates to applications by Huon Aquaculture and Tassal to amend 2 Marine Farming Development Plans in Storm Bay.

This signals a new frontier for salmon aquaculture, enabling Tasmanian farmers to expand responsibly into some of the highest energy, most exposed marine farming conditions in the world.

Expansion into these waters will offer favourable growing conditions, and provide an opportunity for further innovation in pen design and gear technology. Responsibly managed, such expansion is sustainable and appropriate.

Panel’s recommendation to allow the expansion was made after consideration of comprehensive Environmental Impact Statements, public submissions, representations and public hearings.

Importantly, the independent Review Panel found environmental effects associated with marine farming operations can be effectively managed under the Development Plans and conditions of an environmental licence granted by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

Each Company will now apply for Marine Farming Leases, followed by Marine Farming Licences.

When lease areas are issued, Huon Aquaculture and Tassal will then also need to demonstrate they can meet requirements in relation to engineering, emergency management and biosecurity before obtaining marine farming licences.

Both operators will then also be required to apply for an environmental licence from the EPA and comply with the Authority’s requirements in relation to environmental management of the site before any fish can be farmed on these lease areas.

An application from Petuna in relation to its proposed Storm Bay farming operation is still subject to the statutory approval process.

Government’s Salmon Industry Plan provides a framework for future and sustainable growth in a transparent manner which maintains community confidence, biosecurity and sound environmental performance.

TAS Premier Will Hodgman









Specific Details:

Planning approval has been provided to the Huon Aquaculture (Yellow Bluff) and Tassal (West of Wedge) proposals:

  • Yellow Bluff – The amendment, for the current Storm Bay off Trumpeter Bay North Bruny Island Development Plan will create a new marine farming zone within the Plan area as well as modifying four existing zones within the Plan area.
  • West of Wedge – The amendment for the Tasman Peninsula and Norfolk Bay Marine Farming Development Plan will create a new marine farming zone approximately 1.8 km west of Wedge Island in Storm Bay which will be incorporated in the Plan.

Review Panel assessments were undertaken through the statutory processes in place for applications to amend marine farming development plans under the Marine Farming Planning Act 1995.

Marine Farm Development Plans identify management controls considered necessary to manage and mitigate any effects of marine farming activities that may occur in those designated zones and the adjacent environment.

To simplify public, scientific and user access to the Plans, the amendments are incorporated into new management plans for both areas.


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