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VIC High Income Households Own More Environmental Products: ABS

Victor P Taffa

High income households in Victoria tend to have more environmentally sustainable sources of energy and water then lower income households, according to a report released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

Victorian households earning $110,000 or more per year were more likely to have insulation, solar energy and rain water tanks than households with income below $25,000 per year.

However, high income households were also more likely to have an air conditioner, clothes dryer, a dishwasher and more televisions than low income households. Use of these appliances was also more frequent for high income households.

Most high income Victorian households had insulation (80%) and almost a third had a rain water tank (31%). While a small proportion had solar energy (7.4%), this was still much higher than low income households (1.8%).

Not only did more than three quarters of high income households have air conditioners (76%), but high income households were also more likely to have two or more air conditioners than low income households.

The publication also found that:

  • Seven in ten high income households (71%) had a clothes dryer compared to 40% low income households.
  • Over three quarters of high income households had a dishwasher (78%) compared to 29% low income households.
  • One in five households (20%) with a high income had three televisions, which was higher than low income households.

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