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Queensland Minister for Community Recovery and Resilience David Crisafulli

Betterment Funds Flow For North Burnett

Victor P Taffa

A Gayndah water pump that has been knocked out twice in the past two years will be moved to higher ground as the first project announced in the Newman Government’s push to make flood-ravaged communities more resilient.

Community Recovery and Resilience Minister David Crisafulli said the town’s water pump and intake on the banks of the Burnett River, which were destroyed twice in two years by floods, would be rebuilt in a safer location.

“This facility was completely washed away in the 2011 floods, rebuilt in exactly the same location then extensively damaged again this year, just two weeks after it was recommissioned.” Mr. Crisafulli said.


“Gayndah residents deserve better and this project will not only safeguard the town’s supply of clean and fresh water, it will also save the council having to scramble to find a temporary solution each time the pump is damaged.”

North Burnett Regional Council will build a new submersible pumping station upstream at Claude Wharton Weir with a new pipeline to the water treatment plant.

The Gayndah water pump and intake is the first project to be carried out under the $80 Million ‘betterment’ program, a Newman Government initiative to give councils the chance to rebuild less damage-prone public infrastructure.

It is jointly funded by the State and Federal Governments, with more than 48 councils applying for nearly $1 Billion worth of works.

“We are putting an end to the short-sighted approach of rebuilding essential infrastructure to the same standard, only to see it damaged again.” Mr. Crisafulli said.

“Councils across the state understand the value of building infrastructure that lasts longer than the next storm season but we need more money from the Federal Government.”

“I know times are tough but Queensland needs another $60 Million in tonight’s budget to give us a chance to rebuild differently.” Mr. Crisafulli said.


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