High Speed Rail Works With State Owned Heavy Rail Corridors

High Speed Rail Works With State Owned Heavy Rail Corridors

Federal/State Cooperation Puts Commuters Front And Centre Of Decision Making

Victor P Taffa

When every Capital City is connected to each other by High Speed Rail aka Japan’s Bullet Train at speeds of 450 km/h the Tracks will be built in cooperation between the various State Governments and a High Speed Rail Authority.

High Speed Rail Authority will be a division of Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) who currently owns many interstate tracks.

High Speed Rail will not and should not be a takeover of State Railways.

Cross-border railway gauge issue was overcome many decades ago.

Modern technology allows for dual gauge tracks and gauge convertible bogies.

Construction of High Speed Rail Tracks will be paid for 50:50 between each State and the Federal Government.

In the same way Prime Minister John Howard sold off Indian-Pacific, Ghan and Overland to Great Southern Rail the operators of High Speed Rail will pay the Federal Government to use the tracks.

Federal Government will pay that State Government who outlaid monies to build the tracks.

This is because High Speed Rail corridors will be largely on rail corridors currently owned by State Governments.

High Speed Rail services will be put out to tender and High Speed Rail Operators will pay a fee to use the tracks.

Freight Train Operators as they do now will pay a fee to use the tracks that will be able to move freight faster on straighter tracks that reduces time.

Federal Government paying State Governments monies back for use of Tracks in State Railway corridors is no different to the way in which the GST works now.

Trying to build new separate High Speed Rail and Freight corridors will never work as the Federal Government does not have the billions of dollars required to pay for rail corridors from scratch.

ARTC did not start by the Federal Government paying for new separate rail corridors.

Cost effective Roll-on Roll-off Rail Ferry across Bass Strait









Rail Ferry

Deck on the Roll-on Roll-off Rail Ferry across Bass Strait will be Broad Gauge with Tasmania having dual gauge narrow/broad gauge tracks.

Dual Gauge Tracks are where a third rail is simply laid alongside an outside rail.

Dual Gauge Tracks will have overhead catenary wiring.

Cooperation between Federal and State Governments is needed to build High Speed Rail that puts Commuters Front and Centre of Decision Making.

People are mature enough to negotiate an outcome that has mutual benefits for all that puts commuters Front and Centre of Decision Making.