High-Speed Rail: Not If But When

High-Speed Rail: Not If But When

High Speed Rail To Every Capital City aka Japan’s Bullet Train

Victor P Taffa

Every Normal Country around the world has a High-Speed Train that moves people, Politicians support and Government’s build. Japan has had the ‘Bullet’ Train that travels at speeds of 450 Km/h since the 1960’s.

Australia has Parliament’s filled with Politicians who bow and scrape to the Anti-Rail forces. No Self-Respecting Anti-Rail Politician would be seen dead on a Train. The Anti-Rail Lobby is so strong that the Labor Party saw fit in 2003 and 2010 to condemn Victor P Taffa to a Mental Hospital for his sexuality and support for Railway Expansion. This orchestrated campaign included years of harassment by the NSW Police and NSW Health.

The campaign has succeeded so brilliantly to the point where Victor P Taffa cannot wait to move out of New South Wales and start a new career and a new life in Victoria.



Anymore objections from any person and Legal Action against the NSW Government, NSW Police, NSW Health and the Former Labor Member for Ryde will begin.

The sad fact is that these self-serving Anti-Rail Politicians wasted $600 Million on a Metro Rail System in Sydney when the $600 Million would have gone a long way to building the Parramatta-Epping Line, North-Western Line or other much needed Railway Expansion in the Sydney CBD. Both The Parramatta-Epping Line and North-Western Line would have been built and taking passengers by now had it not been for Anti-Rail Politicians.


Flinders Street Station Melbourne

Flinders Street Station Melbourne











High-Speed Rail between Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane is not an option or luxury but a necessity. The Sydney-Melbourne Air Route is one of the busiest in the world. The Route for High-Speed Rail almost picks itself and needs for studies at a cost of $20 Million are simply an excuse to do nothing.

High-Speed Rail Stations would not be the same as Stops for existing XPT Services. High-Speed Rail operates at 300Km/h and as such only stops at Major Regional Towns and Cities. Existing XPT Services would remain as not all commuters want to catch a High-Speed Train. XPT Services while not a suburban service would have a different role to play in the Tourism Industry.

High-Speed Rail requires existing corridors to be Realigned, Duplicated and Electrified. High-Speed Stations would also require new Platforms. High-Speed Rail will operate on Standard Gauge Track. The Operator of the service would be chosen through a Public Tender from either the Public or Private sector.

High-Speed Rail between Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane includes many new Line alignments as contained in www.isput.com.au

Overhead Railway Line To Flinders Street Station

Overhead Railway Line To Flinders Street Station

Stations and Lines include the following:

  • Flinders Street Platform 11( Currently unused)
  • Southern Cross Station
  • Seymour
  • Benalla
  • Wodonga
  • Albury
  • Southern Line Extension
  • Canberra
  • Queanbeyan
  • Goulburn
  • Moss Vale
  • New Alignment between Moss Vale and Wollongong
  • Wollongong
  • Princes Line
  • Bradfield Line
  • New Alignment from Sydney Central Platforms 26 & 27 onto ‘Flying Junction’ Tracks
  • Western Line between Redfern and Strathfield
  • Strathfield
  • Hornsby
  • Northern Line including widening of John Whitton Bridge across Parramatta River
  • Quadruple Northern Line between Strathfield and Hornsby
  • Cessnock Line (Only High-Speed Stops being Cessnock and Maitland)
  • Northern Line To Brisbane
  • Taree
  • Wauchope
  • Grafton
  • Casino
  • Roma Street
  • Duplication and Electrification between Queensland Border and Roma Street Station

Roma Street Station would have two tracks operating as opposed to the current single track alignment. This may require the use of a second Platform at Roma Street for High-Speed Rail.

The Princes, Bradfield and Cessnock Lines would have other Stations built to accommodate normal RailCorp Services although High-Speed Rail would not stop at all stations except the Bradfield Line.

The Cessnock Line will necessitate Electrification between Newcastle and Maitland.

The Bradfield Line is a second City Circle Line for Sydney that utilises Platforms 26 & 27 at Central, Platforms 2 & 3 at St. James and existing tunnelling under Parliament House. The current City Circle Line is operating at capacity and The Bradfield Line expands the RailCorp Network long into the future. Wynyard Platforms 1 & 2 should become Railway Platforms and not the Carpark that has been there since 1959.


XPT Arrives Platform 1 Southern Cross Station

XPT Arrives Platform 1 Southern Cross Station









The Stops chosen, Alignments new Lines and new sections of Track are of better value for money to Victoria, The Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Queensland than some other ideas and this article has been written without Multi-Million Dollar Consultants and Spin Doctors’.

All that is needed now is for the Pro-Rail Politicians to step forward and support Victor P Taffa in going to work for the Baillieu/Ryan/Mulder Victoria Government and get to work to implement High-Speed Rail that everyone will use.