High Speed Rail And 8 Foot Walls

High Speed Rail And 8 Foot Walls

8 Foot Walls Eliminates Dangerous Railway Level Crossings

Victor P Taffa

Currently throughout every State and Territory within the Commonwealth of Australia there are many Railway Level Crossing Accidents involving Cattle and People with Trains.

Cattle wander onto tracks particularly in The Northern Territory including cows hitting The Ghan train and road trains.

According to Centre for Accident Research & Road Safety Queensland (CARRS-Q) year 2012.

In Australia between the periods of 2002-2012, there were 601 collisions between trains and vehicles and 92 collisions between trains and pedestrians at level crossings.

There are approximately 70 collisions at level crossings per year in Australia.

This does not include cattle wandering across railway tracks with collisions between cattle and trains.

High Speed Rail (HSR) services operating at 450 km/h requires 8 Foot Walls for road overpasses to eliminate all Railway Level Crossing collisions between people and trains.

HSR requires joint Federal-State cooperation and not a Federal Takeover of State Railways.

Some people wishes to force Petrol Stations to sell Sugar (Ethanol) Petrol instead of Unleaded Petrol.

Rather than force vehicles to accept Sugar (Ethanol) Petrol that harms engine components it is HSR and 8 Foot High Walls that will make life easier for Farmers with lower maintenance costs of Farming Fence Boundaries.


Benefits Of 8 Foot Walls Includes:

  • Protects people in the event of a derailment on a HSR Train travelling at 450 km/h,
  • Safety first with HSR Corridor free of All Overhead Wiring Support Beams,
  • Safety first with HSR Corridor free of All Signalling Support Structures,
  • Safety first that Stops cattle from wandering onto tracks,
  • HSR Overhead Wiring is no higher than the Wall,
  • HSR Overhead Wiring supported by Span Wire tensioned To Side Wall,
  • Signalling to be supported by Span Wire tensioned To Side Wall,
  • HSR Authority would pay to maintain the Walls and Drainage alongside the walls,
  • Has drainage alongside for flood mitigation,
  • Will have access points for Rail, Emergency Services and Police vehicles,
  • Enable a Farmer to have a better maintained boundary fence that gets damaged during floods or fire or other severe weather events,
  • Clear panels allow natural light through wall,
  • Clear panels will be able to withstand high temperatures in the event of Bushfires,
  • Provides for better road overpasses rather than dangerous level crossings that claim hundreds of lives per year,
  • Cost to build the walls comes from savings by utilising 85% of State Railway corridors.


HSR aka Japan’s Bullet Train is operated by overhead wiring.

Capital City-Capital City Freight Train Compatible HSR will as Editor Victor P Taffa has said to Federal National Party Leader Barnaby Joyce improve Farm Fence Boundaries.

Willow Tree Railway Station with blockading fence facing New England Highway









Willow Tree Railway Station And Dividing Fence

HSR Walls would be an improvement with the blockade that has resulted at Willow Tree Railway Station in New South Wales.

New South Wales Railways were forced to put up a Fence and the local Liverpool Plains Council has not upgraded the level crossing all because of Federal Transport Policies.

A few kilometres away at Newcastle the Railway Line was illegally closed that has cut off people from previously reliable rail services.

Australian Farmers have a higher maintenance bill for Farming Fences than New Zealand or U.K. Farmers do simply because of vast size of land.

National Party has long wanted an inland Melbourne-Brisbane Freight Railway Line and HSR and Freight Trains can utilise the same rail corridor that reduces costs and overheads for all concerned which results in reduced prices for consumers at the point of purchase.


Facing Willow Tree Railway Station From Level Crossing








Realistically the only way forward is to build the Capital City-Capital City Freight Train Compatible High Speed Rail corridors that are 2 Tracks continuously and 4 Tracks in areas of high traffic volumes.

Unsightly Electrified Poles are a nonsense argument as the overhead wiring will be neater than high voltage power wires that meanders aimlessly across the countryside.

Underneath these High Voltage Power Wires are easements on which nothing can be farmed.

Perhaps some of these high voltage power lines can be relocated near the High Speed Rail corridors that would free up land that could be used for farming.

Internet and Mobile Phone Power Lines can also be located in co-ordination with High Speed Rail corridors that reduces costs to implement for all.

As Western Australia National Party Leader Brendon Grylls has done a lot to develop the inland Town of Newman.

HSR between Perth and Darwin will include a Railway Station at Newman and this will assist to develop the area as Western Australia is the largest State in the World.

Other desert areas can be developed for inland Cities in the same way that Las Vegas was developed in the United States.

8 Foot Walls are needed as part of the planning for a safely operating High Speed Rail Train that travels at 450 km/h throughout every State and Territory of Australia.